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Beast Race Faces - Gender cues?

If you saw a Khajiit or Argonian face -- and only the face.
AND if you have no other clues - name, voice, body, clothing, etcetera.

Could you tell if it were male or female?

And what makes a beast race face cute or not cute?
  • Dusk_Coven
    Skelfish wrote: »
    Have...you looked in the character creator and compared a male/female khajiit, or argonian for yourself?

    I was trying not to use that tool up front because right away you have to choose gender so now your interpretation might be immediately biased by pre-knowing that you're looking at a male or female.

    Sometimes I see a Khajiit female with a broader chin or that classic lion mouth and they can look masculine. And then anyone with a mane leans more masculine.
    But anyway, I'll play around with the slider.

  • ArchMikem
    Khajiit yes, Argonian may be a bit difficult.
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    I think most of the time, yes on both. As been mentioned they do have a sexual dimorphism which can be seen on their heads/faces, with the females usually being more "delicate". Though there are likely exceptions just like there is for the races of man where it's hard to define.
    Argonians are probably the trickiest since they are so different and races of man and mer have in general issues reading them.
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  • SirAxen
    I can usually tell pretty easily myself. But, that is probably because I'm a super nerd when it comes to The Elder Scrolls.
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