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Someone help me understand how Ravager is supposed to work now


* OLD: When you deal melee damage, you have an 8% chance to increase your Weapon Damage by 645 for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

* NEW: Each time you attempt to reduce the target’s Physical or Spell Resistance, you gain a stack of Ravager for 5 seconds, increasing your Weapon Damage by 125. You can gain a stack every 1 second. At 4 stacks, the duration doubles but cannot be refreshed.

What methods of proccing the stack exist in a reasonable rotation? Do the stacks only occur if you hit the same target each time? Are we meant to spam breach skills or is this set only useful if pared with Night Mother's Gaze? Who has tested this on the PTS?

I liked that this set was an option for PvE stamplars and now it seems beyond meh. Along with the 7th legion and veiled heritance there were niche options for stam dps in PvE and now we are just funnelled back to the meta.

We need more options not less. Bad Zos no biscuit.

Also I PvP and I don't care what other people wear. You aren't dying because of what other people are wearing. That's like people thinking a meta set will suddenly make them parse 90k+ dps.
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  • Waffennacht
    Seeing as the stacks apply to you, and not a target, it shouldn't matter what you target to gain a stack
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  • BahometZ
    The tooltip wording says you have to hit "the target" not "a target", which is what concerns me. "The target" makes it sound like you have to hit the same singular target. "A target" means any target adds to the stack. And with something like Stamden Shalks you can "attempt" to reduce resistance on multiple targets at once, and I wonder if they all add to the stack.
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  • SodanTok
    Set has 1s cooldown. Any target you hit with some armor reduction will add to the stack but obv if you hit 3 at once you get 1 because of the CD
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