8 freezes and 2 crashes since recent small patch.

I've mostly been in Summerset trying to do my dailies and freeze before I can get them done, but it has happened on one character not in Summerset. I think I made it past 5 minutes once, but the rest have been 5ish.

Turned off all add-ons. Same result.
Ran a repair. Same result.
Uninstalled and re-installed. Same result.

Windows 10.
GeForce 970.
Updated drivers.

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  • Blinkin8r
    Step One: Take disk out of Driver
    Step Two: Break disk in half
    Step Three: Burn Disk

    If you bought digitally:

    Step One: Google how to destroy my computer with viruses dot com.
    Step Two: Follow Instructions
    Step Three: Burn Computer
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  • VanyelMohr
    I'm going to tentatively say this is resolved. I reset all the settings on my graphics card and I've been fine for 30 mins so far. Don't know which setting was the culprit. I'm just relieved to be able to play again.
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