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Looking for a small, familiar Guild/Team

Since I could not find a fitting German speaking guild I try to find my luck in the international section.

I'm looking for a small and communicative adult guild or team mainly for 4 player dungeons, skins and achievements. My english is a bit rusty, but I think I can manage it.

Usually I play sometimes after work from 8 to 11 pm but mostly on weekends.

I play ESO since the PC beta and started playing on console since the release in 2015. After a long break of almost 1 year (stopped playing 1 month after summerset release), I'm back in Tamriel and ready for some action.

My mainchar is a templar tank, but I got a healer and some DD's as well.

If interested just contact me via psn.

Cheers, Blink
Sony Playstation 4

  • PSN: TheBlinkman
  • LorienofSkyrim
    Hi mate. If you are looking for dungeon help I am an admin of a guild that has a few ppl that can do the dlc dungeons on vet so should help your achievement log. If interested heres our discord link:
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