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Possible to do Midyear Mayhem achievements while playing with DC?

Hello, new players on PC Eu here.
I'm asking this simple question mostly because I'd like to unlock the crown laurels (sadly gotta wait longer as ZoS cancelled the event), but since I'm going to reroll another race working for the DC (I honestly prefer their characters and zones compared to EP).

I was wondering if it's possible to obtain all the achievements for the laurels, especially the ones from Cyrodiil as I kept hearing that the DC faction was always behind compared to EP and AD. I hardly have any notion of what is what in the Alliance war so that's why I'm asking here.

  • Vapirko
    Doesn’t matter either way, Midyear Mayhem has been cancelled and there has been no mention of if, when or in what form it will be coming back.
  • NordSwordnBoard
    If your faction was "gated" (owns nothing outside its base) you would still be able to get the achievements for Star Made Knight or the laurels. Grouping up will help you overcome lack of experience in PvP to get requirements like resources.
    You can put any vehicle you want on the racetrack that is ESO, just don't blame anybody but yourself if your VW bus gets passed by a Ferrari.
  • Firstmep
    On the 7day campaig DC does pretty okay, aasuming they offpeak cap more than Ep, which doesnt always happen.
    But yeah mayhem was cancelled so it matters even less than usual.
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