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Psijic quest line problems.

Finish Psijic on 3 my char, all to lvl 10. Start with new char and cannot seal breaches, don't get info abou use skull (Augur of the Obscure) to see breaches but have this skull, 9x sealed paper, map in quest item but don't get this pop info to see this breaches. Abandon quest and take again but still the same problem. Anyone got somthing like that??
  • Starlock
    Did you make sure to use the map? If I recall, the quest stage doesn't advance until you do so and that might also prevent interaction with breaches?
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  • Trueblue
    yes, got map even as another window (addon).
  • Trueblue
    ok, work, reset all addon (turn off), reload, turn on, reload and work
  • LadySinflower
    The only time I had trouble with these quests was when I forgot to look at the map in my inventory before starting the quest. I play on Xbox and don't have addons, but you could try removing or resetting all addons that have to do with this quest. Make sure you follow the entire dialog line when accepting the quest so the quest market will advance to the next step (sealing the breaches). Good luck!
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