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(Contains Potential Spoilers) New quests in existing zones/factions?

Soul Shriven
Hey, just wondering how likely would it be for ZOS to add new quests to existing zones? I rarely ever visit the original alliance zones anymore because there's quite literally nothing to do there.
I'm not talking about simple repeatable quests like the Crime Spree one from the Thieves guild. I'm thinking more story-related quests.

For example, I really disliked how the Dark Brotherhood quests were all located in a single location (the Gold Coast) as if they were the only Sanctuary in existence. With the ending of the main DLC quest, where you become the Silencer, the Speaker tells you that you're not bound to any Sanctuary and you move from place to place. I would personally love it if ZOS added new Sanctuaries throughout Tamriel, each with their own story quests where you could go to as the Silencer to complete special contracts. They would be different than that of the Marked for Death as those are very simple, and have no specific requirements other than just killing the target.

  • VaranisArano
    The only new quests ZOS has added to existing zones are prologue quests and festival quests.
  • gepe87
    It would be awesome.
    Personally I found vanilla maps and quests are better and more complete than any chapter.
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  • Luigi_Vampa
    I wish we could go back and clean up certain areas. I want to liberate Bleakrock, rebuild Camlorn etc...
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  • Royaji
    I do not see this ever happening. Unless they completely run out of ideas and decide to sell us Dark Brotherhood 2 DLC.
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