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Nightblades, Rajhin, and Shadowkey

Well. I ordered Shadowkey, I have an n-gage. And I played the game back in 2005-ish. Looking forward to playing it again. Would love to see a mobile version of this game as it had interesting lore.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any ESO lore that might be a precursor to Shadowkey, or any Easter-eggs. I have my suspicions that Nightblades are very similar to shadow mages.

I’m also curious if Rajhin is connected with shadow mages as well. Or if he learned the art of manipulating shadows.

From Shadow Scroll Book two:

“... Azra attempted what had never been done before, manipulating his own shadow to such an extent that he instantiated and melded all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existence to all the existences in shadow.“

I find it interesting that even in a mobile/phone game that there is a conceptual motif in regards to multiple existences of reality that is readily available to be manipulated in someway. It seems it is a constant trope within TES.

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  • LennoxPoodle
    I heard that shadowblades were featured in shadowkey, but am unable to confirm that. I always assumed that they were one type of shadow magic user.
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