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DD/TANK LF vCR+3 hardmode Group

I am looking for a group for passing the hardmod claudrest (vCR+3). I know all the mechanics and went on the tank and dd to the portal.
Tank: sorcerer. There are all possible setup for different cases. Including a new set with sunspire.
DD: Any one of your choice: mag dk, necromancer, nightblade, warden, sorcerer. Or a stam: necromancer, dk, nightblade. I do on each of at least 45k DPS on 3 million skeleton. This is the minimum, but I can do more, as a rule, the general numbers in the raid will more than suit you.

I speak English badly but I understand what you are talking about, so I can understand if there are any comments.

My achievements in general...?Hmm... Tik-tok-tormentor in vHoF/Drom'ahtra Destroyer x3/vAS HM (29/30 vitality, ***)))+speedrun/vSP/vCR+2. Can link in game or take a screenshot and send it to you.

If you are interested, write to me in the game by mail @Alkozeltser or send a letter, I mail. I just don't sit very often on the forum.
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