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[PC EU] LF vDSA farm group

i am 810 templar healer, did it 3-4 times i know all arenas tactics, but it's so hard to find a group. I need several runs, i would like all weapons for my off chars (except some staves which i already got). Usually i am available whole day on weekend, for example today and tomorrow we can go anytime. Just say here an hour you are available and i will log in to meet.

what is this forum and why i don't like it:
- complainers that cry without reason and without solution
- trolls that give cheap or useless answers
- people giving advice with counters that are not viable
- bloggers that talk about their day or what they use in game
- roleplayers that talk about fashion
- people with solutions or bug reports are ignored
- people that write walls of text without reason
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