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If you could Mod ESO...

  • redlink1979
    Remove Stuga

    "Do you know how long I've been looking for you?"
    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear"

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  • Browiseth
    - anime girl reskins
    - jojo references
    - one hand and spell weapon/skill line
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    morrowind is not a good game but the expansion will probably be okay nvm lol
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    • EP - F - Sinnia Lavellan - Bosmer stamden healer - lvl 50 (based on my Dragon Age: Inquisition character)
    • EP - M - Follows-the-Arcane - Argonian sorc healer - lvl 50
    • EP - F - Ashes-of-Arcane - Argonian magcro - lvl 50 (meh)
    • EP - M - Bolgrog the Sinh - Orc stamdk - lvl 50 (Inspired by Sinh the Slumbering Dragon from Dark Souls 2)
    • EP - M - Star-of-Arcane - Argonian magplar - lvl 15
    • EP - F - Maxine Cauline - Breton magblade - lvl 50
    • EP - M - Garrus Loridius - Imperial Stamplar - lvl 50
    • EP - F - Jennifer Loridius - Imperial Necrotank - lvl 5
    • EP - F - Avaricious Akashi - Khajiit Stamden - lvl 5 (loosely based on Akashi from Azur Lane)
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  • Sengra
    I'd focus on RP and housing features, so a mod that lets you change weather/daytime in houses, create effects like lightning/thick fog/background noises, let us place NPCs there (preferably with dialogue when you interact with them), the ability to place notes on the ground or books with our own texts in the bookshelves, lets us remove the whole house if we only need the terrain ...

    What would also be cool is a mod that lets you save certain housing 'arrangements' and exchange them for others. So if you have turned this house into a graveyard but you need a dark forest scene for a story you can create another 'version' of that house but not lose the decorated version that you made earlier.

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  • barney2525
    susmitds wrote: »
    Delete Sorcs from the game.

    Now THAT's fuuuuunnny !

  • Delparis
    if the game was moddable i'll learn to code and fix the bugs/performance issues
  • ProbablePaul
    I would make the game run without lag or performance delays.
    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself." - George Bernard Shaw

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  • barney2525
    At character creation:

    Choose your passive skills

    Rank one - list of types of superfluous skills, like % to break free of snares, or reduce sneak cost

    Rank two - list of types of larger pool adds, such as magicka or health

    Rank three - list of types of sustain adds

    Rank four - list of types of damage adds, like penetration or crit

    Rank five - list of types of specialty skills like lower detection radius

    While creating the character you simply check the specific passive that the character will have access to when they reach a certain level and spend the skill point.

    That way everyone can customize your character, no matter what race they are

  • damdamjel
    milk mod economy
  • RexyCat
    Like in every Basthseda game: better texture maps to make wall, ground and other elements actually look good when you get close enough.

    Make it possible to turn off that darn new UI that make almost all of my screen turn green/blue when camera is going from first person while I am playing in third person view
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Mojmir wrote: »
    set run speed
    set level
    dual wield staves

    Player.additem 000ff65 (gold) x 9999999999999999 :D

    I almost forgot:
    ESO Script extender... This one could be esential... :D
    Edited by Tommy_The_Gun on July 12, 2019 10:22AM
  • TQSkull
    UTESOP - unofficial the elder scrolls online patch
  • Rake
    Unlimited stash
  • Minyassa
    Horses. I have an absolutely lovely horse model I bought that actually has all of its muscles and bones in the proper place for a horse, and his mouth closes, too.
  • Gnome_Saiyan
    Crossbows. (yeah, I know about that one ability. I want the actual weapon, with motifs)
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  • SantieClaws
    Statue of this one in the centre of every town - probably the one that was in the furnishing set we do not have now.

    Ability to use mounts in your own home - if this one wants to race around her temple on a guar then why not?

    Ability to run around without any clothes but also make it a criminal offence fineable by guards, for balance.

    A wider variety of underwear for those who prefer to wear it.

    Farm animals - unrelated to the clothing issues in any way.

    Housing NPCs - like the above but do housework rather than for eating.

    Home based trading stalls.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws

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  • JumpmanLane
    Nude mod of course, then skimpy hdt armor. And a sex mod.
  • MyKillv2.0
    ArchMikem wrote: »
    What would be the first thing you would change or add?

    I'd most likely look for a Terrain overhaul, something that added more foliage and trees. Then of course the nude body replacer, obviously.

    I would add a mod that flashes, "You Win" after a short amount of time and then I would charge for the mod. Doesn't matter the price. You could make it a penny. A dime. A hundred million dollars. Whatever.

    Why this mod, you ask? So that ESO would FINALLY have something that is P2W so the P2W crowd would actually have something in this game that is P2W.
  • themaddaedra
    Remove Stuga

    "Do you know how long I've been looking for you?"

    Oh noes
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