New House items suggestion

i have suggestion about new items that bring more live to player houses, npc that is not an assistant or furniture:

1. Bard male/female version - visiting taverns where bards singing make me very positively suprised. Having that type of "living furniture" NPC in house make it decisively very climate and relaxing.
2. Estate Guardian - just standing NPC in majestic full imperial Dwarven motif Heavy Armor, thats have simple answers durning try talk him. Having that type of "house decoration" make player more confortable in theirs houses. Big guilds owning estates for guild halls can even have maximum 2 guards.

Feel free to share Yours opinions.
  • Xanathos
    3. House Cleaner - i forget about also important part in our house, npc cleaning with broom that give us feeling that our homes are keep in good state.
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