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Best weapon traits and enchants for 2H/1H&shield in PVP?

Looking for suggestions for weapon traits and enchants for a stam DK 2H/1H&shield build in PVP. I am helping my son update his stam DK build (he didn't enjoy DW much, he prefers 2H). I was thinking nirn trait and weapon damage enchant on 2H (which is a damage bar), and maybe defense and a phys damage/stam return enchant on 1h (which is mainly a buff/heal/build up ultimate bar)? The 1h bar enchant will not proc a lot, mainly when he charges.

Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Vietfox
    Yup, Nirn or Sharpened for 2h with a WD enchant and Defending/Impen for SnB.
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