Solunas Dragon [PvE] [Progression] 15:00 GMT+1 trial starts

Hi the progression group within Solunas Dragon guild is currently looking for 1-2 healers, 1-2 tanks and 3-4 DDs. We are a small group who play regularly enough to know who each other, so if you are looking for a regular group to do activities with this is the place to be!

We have cleared vCR+1, vSS and currently working on finishing vHoF. Our next goal will be vAS+2 whilst doing vCR+1s in between on off days.

Our trial start times are 15:00 GMT+1 that go on for no more than 3 hours currently scheduled for Tues, Wed, Fri. But these trial dates are not set in stone.

There is not attendance requirement but regulars will get priority over others (for consistency). We are looking for confident players who are good with dungeon mechanics and ability to work as a team and communicate. For DDs we are looking for 40k+ on 6 mill (or 65k+ on raid dummy) for tanks to have the relevant tank sets (alkosh, ebon, yolna etc) and same goes for healers.

Please contact me ingame at @grimah (mail or message) or leave your ingame @name here and someone will get in touch with you!
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