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Potatoes R Us - Aussie and US late nighters looking for new members.

Soul Shriven
Looking to help others, or in need of help with all that this game has to offer? Potatoes R Us is for you!
We have a small but great group of people wanting to help, on at all times (I'm on Australia time, but guildies from all time shifts).
From questing to dungeons and trials, trading (free trader most weeks) and some pvp to achievements and the rest.
We have a discord channel and psn community to help organise and share tips.
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  • marktown
    Soul Shriven
    USA player here. 39 yr old dad looking for chilled out people to play with. If you’re still recruiting I’d love an invite. I’ve been out of ESO about a year, looking to relearn the game. I like tanking and just started with a new dragon knight. Thanks for your time!

    Psn is Marktown

    ESO character is Markle Slapnuts
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  • Zimboy666
    Soul Shriven
    Sorry on delay, sending invite now.
  • JwhyBee
    Can I get a invite plz. Psn jwhybee
  • Zimboy666
    Soul Shriven
    Will flick you an invite tomorrow when I'm back on. Says you are full, can't invite unless you left a guild.
    Edited by Zimboy666 on August 25, 2019 5:37AM
  • sharpshooter2342
    Hello I don't have any guild slots open but looking to meet 2 people who have all roles to do 4 man content and dlc hm dungeons.
    34-year-old mom US late night player
    Cp 810
    Completed most content in game.
    Have all roles although I prefer support roles.
    Day 1 player.
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  • Necrotic_Lunacy
    Soul Shriven
    Psn Necrotic_Lunacy just getting back into the game with a fresh start after a couple years away
  • Carcarius
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, Aussie based player looking for guild to run trials and dungeons, I'm on eu but latency is getting worse so moving to NA. EU CP810 and playing for a while. Psn clivedup.
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