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[NA-PC][PvX/RP][EP] Legio Audax is recruiting new members from all levels and styles of gameplay!!!

Legio Audax - "We are the Legion of the Bold, and we leave no legionnaire behind".
Ebonheart Pact – NA PC

About Us

Legio Audax Gaming is a Gaming Community focused on self-government through a set of principles that apply equally for the membership and leadership alike, and that creates an atmosphere of gaming where people can be who they want to be, play how they want to play, and still feel free to be who you are without having to explain yourself, because at the end of the day, we're here to have fun together, not to police other people's lives and personal philosophies.

We’re more than just yet another gaming community though. We're built from the ground up with well-tested principles and experienced leadership. Whoever join us can be sure that this is something that is being done for the long run, and that once we have the proper people in place, we'll be set for years to come, with an easily adaptable community structure that can expand itself to other games while still maintaining high standards of recruitment and solid communities being run by capable hands. To sum it up, if you're looking for a new home, we might just be the place for you.

We plan on being a PvX guild, with support for all styles of gameplay, on all levels of involvement. One of our mottos is "Play the way you want", and we take very seriously the freedom of our members to tackle the content at their own pace, be it to form veteran trial groups to tackle the hardest content, or just WB and Alik'r Dolmen runs.


We not only help guild members enjoy the PvE content of ESO but to assist them in improving and advancing their characters and personal skills within the game. We are always willing to provide advice/guidance on builds, gearing, dungeon mechanics, etc. Keep in mind that we don’t have all the answers, but we will help find them! We hope to see you in-game and once we have enough people we'll be tackling all of the PvE content of the game, from simple skyshard/WB runs to the hardest veteran trials and dungeons!


We encourage a fun and friendly atmosphere of competitive gaming to both the fans of PvP gaming, and those curious about it. We are always willing to lend a hand with builds, classes, and how it all comes together to make a character effective in pvp. We enjoy all aspects of pvp and once we have enough people we will be tackling all PvP content of the game, from the most popular Cyrodiil and IC campaigns to battlegrounds and dueling tournaments!


Once we have enough people we will be working on establishing and developing the guild internal lore and campaigns which we hope will be many different ones, from a main story where everyone gets involved, to DLC campaigns focused on the more obscure factions of the game like the Morag Tong, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. We also give support and encourage all types of RP, from small self-contained stories, to large scale campaigns that can last for months.
Playing ESO Socially or Casually

Can i Join your guild and play casually?

To summarize it in a single phrase: "Play the way you want". We may try to push you into trying content with us, but you will never be pressured to do any content with us if you don't want to. We are a PvX guild and we value the freedom of our members. We allow people who want to tackle content slowly to do so at their own pace, as well as we give the same support for our members who want to progress through the content and tackle it in it's hardest form. What matters to us are the people who play with us and if they're enjoying the time they spend with us in-game. When we recruit someone into our rank, we recruit the Legionnaire far more than we recruit their character.

So after reading all of this, you may be very interested, but you may be asking yourself: "Why should i join this? It doesn't seem very popular right now, there are plenty of other communities around, why Legio Audax?

Here is what we offer:
  • We are a new guild. That means that those who want to join to help shape it's future, if joined now, will have far more say in it, and will take a larger role in being a part of a community that is in here for the long run.
  • We have a working Discord server, with text and voice channels.
  • We have a Website, and forums. Both operational and filled with information.
  • We have a pre-planned Community Structure and Set of Rules, along with long-term plans for future expansion, so we can adapt to growth with the least amount of struggle possible.
  • Leadership experienced in all styles of content, with the future promise of having specialists to tackle each specific Style of Gameplay (PvP/RP/PvE/Crafting).
  • We have a functional guild bank loaded with basic mats for beginners, and much more, as well as a guild tabard for us to represent our colors.

What we value in our guild members:
  • Positive Attitude
  • Maturity
  • Friendly and Helpful Nature
  • Team Player (Build people up, don't tear then down).
  • Respectful

How to join:
Visit us at to apply or whisper me (@acsribeiro16) if you wish to learn more!
Please view your application as your welcoming card. We take recruitment very seriously because we believe that only a well-structure recruitment system is capable of consistently giving us full legionnaires that adhere to our principles and are an asset to our community. It weeds out the toxic people and make sure that those who get accepted into our ranks are people we'll be proud to call guildmates.

Looking forward into seeing your app!
Legio Audax - "We are the Legion of the Bold, and we leave no legionnaire behind".
Ebonheart Pact – NA PC
Shant - First Consul and Founder. In-game ID: @acsribeiro16
  • acsribeiro16ub17_ESO
    We've got 3 new people in since the last time we've talked! They're currently going through the trial process enjoying their time in the guild.

    Song has also decided to take on the PvE department, and i have started to work on RP and Crafting. We still have spots open for a few specialists, and we're looking forward into seeing the applications of people who wanna join us and help us take our crew to the next level.

    If you like what you read, and is interested in applying, please check us out at or /w me at @acsribeiro16 if you wanna know more!
    Legio Audax - "We are the Legion of the Bold, and we leave no legionnaire behind".
    Ebonheart Pact – NA PC
    Shant - First Consul and Founder. In-game ID: @acsribeiro16
  • acsribeiro16ub17_ESO
    Greetings, everyone!

    The guild does not stop growing! We've received many new applications and new members have joined and are currently going through our trial process. As of this moment we have 6 people undergoing the trial and we're about to open new spots for leadership positions in PvP, Crafting and Roleplay. Keep an eye out here if you wanna be updated on how we're going, and if you wish to apply to join us, don't hesitate! We're always recruiting.

    Apply today at or /w me in game at @acsribeiro16 if you wish to know more! :smile:
    Legio Audax - "We are the Legion of the Bold, and we leave no legionnaire behind".
    Ebonheart Pact – NA PC
    Shant - First Consul and Founder. In-game ID: @acsribeiro16
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