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VMA Lag is Ridiculous [PS4]

Its been somewhat of a nuisance since Murkmire, but ever since Elsweyr, VMA has become unplayable. Adds killing you before spawning, attacks not hitting, bars not swapping, heals never firing. I've seen it primarily on the ice stage, but overall, its become a joke. Please, please, do something about this. These problems really should not be arising in a single-player instance.
  • Odovacar
    Agreed! Been trying to flawless on my new necro and that's not happening anytime soon! Glad I'm not the only one whos noticed this ...I've seen many posts lately specifically on PS4.
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  • AgaTheGreat
    Vault of ubrage... died there in my otherwise flawless run twice because apparently the flower exploded. But there was no telegraph indication :] :|
    PS4 EU Aga_The_Grey
  • BJammin
    I ran it tonight on ps4, other than getting a mace and shield, I didnt notice anything too terrible. I died a few times, but only on account of my own mistakes
  • ReachHalo
    I have been experiencing it myself on xbox. I thought I would never go back to vMA because the lag has always been a problem for me in Aus, but i took my new Mag Warden for a run through and it's really bad in some stages. Like @AgaTheGreat says the Vault of Umbrage is horrible. Some adds, including the flower spawner thing just don't die sometimes, and I have to die to restart the level. And some skills just don't fire and the bar swapping is painfully inconsistent.
  • HappyTheCamper
    Yea thank god we got that Orsinium event coming up too. That’ll help
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  • Vlad9425
    I've had the Argonian boss on Stage 7 teleport like 20 meters away from me and then re-appear at my feet to instantly kill me it was quite a sight...
  • p00tx
    BJammin wrote: »
    I ran it tonight on ps4, other than getting a mace and shield, I didnt notice anything too terrible. I died a few times, but only on account of my own mistakes

    What time was this? I've noticed performance improves during the very late hours, but we shouldn't have to stay up until 3AM just to play the game without issues.
  • SirLeeMinion
    EU PC - Last night I got feared through the ice wall in arena 5, final round two times. Can't use /stuck because I'm in combat. Can't quit out because... yep... in combat. Force quit, re-log in, "account is already logged on" Wait, log-in, restart arena 5 from the beginning.

    NA PC - Last week I had to watch my pets to see where some of the mobs were. I'd attack the visible image - no damage... go over to where the pets are attacking thin air, swing at nothing - jackpot! NPC dies and the dead visible avatar suddenly slides on the ground from the position it seemed to be over to the empty spot my pets had been attacking. Super fun in arena 7 with all the poison, yay!
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