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Experienced Mag/Stam DD LF vSS HM Core Group

Soul Shriven
Greetings potential core group,

I am currently looking for a group which progresses vSS HM. I cleared every Trial HM except vSS Ice and Last Boss, obviously,....Oh and vHoF (because I've never been running it properly lul).
I got the IR title on two characters, currently progressing GH in another core and want to improve my skills in vSS and gain experience in the hardmodes, which is why I am creating this post right now.
My time is limited though, I am able to raid mostly on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday only, reallife stuff keeps me busy apparently and it kept me from finding a core group.
If there are any questions regarding my parses just hit me up, I don't bite, except you want me to haha
Either here beneath this post or ingame, my IGN is @uShell

Thanks for taking your time to read my thread.
Edited by uShell on July 8, 2019 12:58PM
  • Dextail
    uShell also has Fabulous hair. 10/10 would recommend uShell to any good raid guild
  • solasub
    He is a very good dj also ! (and yes most fabulous hair of all the Eso community)
    Seriously, uShell is a very serious and good player, and a very nice team mate. I wish he will find a group suitable for his schedule, and he will be for sure an asset for this group.
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  • Thicclady
    solasub wrote: »
    he will be for sure an asset for this group.

    > he will be for sure an asset for this group.

    Funny, players in videogames are now assets like good workers in McDonalds

  • uShell
    Soul Shriven
    Still looking for tryouts.
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