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Warhorn endgame trials guild

Warhorn is now a guild originally formed by a group of friends who met overtime through playing ESO. Our main focus is on endgame achievements and scores. We have now decided to expand and invite more members. Looking for active players who are experienced with vet trials that can quickly learn and adapt while communicating well.

The guild is intended to consist of people who already know how to do a majority of the content in the game and just need the rest of the group to be able to do the same. Without spending months in progression runs with others who put in no effort of their own or just expect a free ride. We aim to keep a balance between taking things seriously when getting clears but still having fun while doing so. This way clearing content will be easy and enjoyable for everyone in the guild.

We are also willing to accept newer members. We don't want to make the requirements for joining the guild too strict but we are looking for anyone interested in progression into endgame. Whether you are new, came from another MMO or even transferred from a different platform we would be glad to have you join. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn, we are willing to teach.

Our runs are scheduled through Discord and are based on EST times, most active between 5:00pm to 12:00am. The guild hall has most target dummies, basic crafting stations, transmute station, merchant and banker. A few members in the guild are master crafters willing to craft for other members.

We are currently finishing up Dro-m'Athra Destroyer with vMoL HM and are in need of 2 DPS replacements who are capable of running backyard as well as possible backups for all roles.

    Minimum Requirements For Core Groups:

    [*] Complete Knowledge Of Game Mechanics

    [*] 45k DPS On 6 Mil Target For Damage Dealers

    [*] Sets And Skills Expected To Run As Support Roles

    [*] Active Communication As Support Role
    [*] Good Communication When Scheduling

    If you are interested in joining please contact through here, Discord or in game mail to:

    Discord: @Arktace #2547 or @Ongoing Agony #6629

    In game: @Arktace or @OngoingAgony
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