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Disconnecting only in trials?

This has been an issue I've been experiencing intermittently ever since Elsweyr launched - I will be in a trial, any trial it doesn't matter (it has happened to me in HRC, SO, CR & MOL thus far) all of a sudden I will be unable to use whatever ability is on the 4th slot of my skill bar than anywhere from 10-25 seconds later I will become invisible and be booted back into the log-in screen. There is no error message when I'm booted out.

- I know it's not a specific skill, because it has happened on multiple characters, in multiple roles
- It is not an ultimate because it has happened before I've even used my ultimate
- There is no loss of frames or high ping that accompany the disconnect, for all intents and purposes I am able to use all my abilities (minus the 4th) until the moment I am disconnected.
- I haven't gotten any new add-ons since the launch of Elseweyr and they are all up to date.
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  • Shadowshire

    On which mega-server are you playing TESO?

    When the game client is unable to process the player's input -- e.g., a key-press -- then I am not sure what it will do. However, if it is sending invalid input to the host server, then the game client will likely be disconnected sooner or later. At the least, the player will be returned to the primary game/account log-in dialog screen (unless the game client exits or "crashes" instead).

    Since it is consistently the fourth ability that becomes unusable on multiple characters, I recommend that you exit the game entirely. Then run Launcher and use the Game Options menu item Repair Files. That is the only way to ensure that the game installation is not corrupt. (Although, if there is a problem with the storage media on your computer, then there might be a risk that any subsequent use of a flawed portion of it will have adverse consequences.)

    Else, perhaps the key which is bound to the 4th ability on the Ability Bar is not functioning reliably. Of course, it would likely be a PITA to bind it to another key instead. However, if you try that and the problem does not occur, then the problem is most likely with the original key-bind.

    Further, the problem might not be in the keyboard itself, but somewhere between the keyboard and the CPU.
    1. Try moving the keyboard connection (whether cabled or wireless) to another port on the motherboard.
    2. If you can, then try using another keyboard to see whether the problem occurs with it, too. If so, and there is no change when you change connection ports, perhaps the motherboard keyboard controller is malfunctioning. I don't know of a way to test it directly.
    3. Just to be sure, find a utility that detects keystroke loggers and use it to see if it can find one which has been installed on your computer. If you find one, or you have chosen to install a keystroke logger, then remove it and see whether that resolves the problem.

    Good luck!

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