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The Blackfeather Court

Hey I’ve spent hours searching for this lorebook. I only have found 2 possible locations. 1 says brass fortress and the other crows wood. I’ve searched systematically slowly everywhere and still can not locate it. Please someone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  • Vuldovahkriid
    On UESP(the map) shows in Machine District of the Brass Fortress(SE) where you talk to the Blackfeather Court. If you haven't gotten to that point in the story, I don't think you can enter.

    Valtyr Stormblade- Nord DK CP810

    Vulsahvith- Argonian NB CP810

    Illidan Highborn- High Elf Sorc CP810

    Thrall Durotar- Orc WD CP810

    Mythos Varedis- Wood Elf TP CP810

    Ra'zaq- Khajit NB CP810

    Aelya Proudmoore- Breton Sorc CP810

    Broxigar Saurfang- Orc DK CP810

    Lady Sylvannas Windrunner- Dark Elf NB CP810

    Lord Anduin Wyrnn- Breton TP CP810
  • Anne13
    yeah on my main I have finished all quests. I did not expect it to be in the machine district. I’ll check there some point today. Thank you
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