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Summer Rose Social Guild

Summer Rose Social Guild is the third Rose to enter PC/EU. We believe in providing a safe and welcoming environment to players of all levels and alliances. We welcome anyone that can follow our simple rule of Be Nice and Have Fun. With one of the best Guild Houses in the game we offer our members all the amenities the game has to offer. If you are interested in joining one of the best guilds with a network of 1300 players simply message here for an invite. <3

Guild Hall with
ALL Set Crafting Stations
All Mundus Stones
12 Target Dummies from 300K to 50m+
Transmutation table

An Awesome Community with
An Active Discord (with cat pics)
Weekly Trials
Costume and Housing contest with gold prizes
Crown Exchange Service

We hope to hear from you soon and welcome all into the Rose Family
Winter Rose Autumn Rose Summer Rose Pacific Rose
RoseESO Discord
RoseESO Website
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