The Patrons of Creativity: Art, Music and Beautiful expression.

By a Music and Poetry Teacher

Without Art, Music, Poetry, without any of it we would better off not being here so the question is. What makes art, music and Poetry possible? The Answer is quite simple Creativity, Creativity represents expression and freedom. Anyone who appreciates the fine arts must always Honor the three patrons of creativity and freedom. We must always honor Lorkhan for organizing the creation, Sheogorath for Artistic expression and Dibella for the beauty Art, poetry and Music bring to the world. But we must always be wary of those who seek to Erase, Destroy or Corrupt it. We must never honor Auri-el. The one who dared to not only betray Lorkhan but also had his loyal knight Trinimac murder Lorkhan because of the freedom he gave us. No one should honor Jyggalag and some may ask why not? Because Jyggalag's dangerous Determinism and Order seek to discredit and destroy all Artistic expression. No one should honor Sanguine because he defiles the beauty of the fine Arts of poetry, music and passion Dibella gives us just to replace it with his debauchery, hedonistic revelry and darker indulgences. They will always be an enemy to Creativity, Art, Music, Poetry and Beautiful expression for the reasons listed and therefore should never be honored or praised. Any Bard that gives Praise to one of the three bad E'tadas deemed to be enemies of the arts and creativity be warned you will never be welcome in the house of creativity . And will never ever be welcome into my classroom. For those that respect the arts and the three good patrons of the creative arts you will always find no matter what race or creed a place within my class room.

((Feel free to comment and tell me how you think and feel free to use this. Will appreciate any constructive feed back ))
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  • Zacuel
    I'm trying to form a fart Acapella band because I'm all about the finer arts.
  • 2Weenies
    It's an interesting piece which could make for a nice character arc. Not often are the arts honestly explored in Elder Scrolls, and it'd be a peculiar quirk for some sort of artsy-fartsy character.

    Your choices for the patrons are interesting. I can definitely see Uncle Sheo and Dibby for their parts, but adding in Lorkhan is quite a twist, but a welcome one. Their opposites are also pretty fair choices without being terribly obvious, and the way you explain how they counter the patrons is very credible.

    I would definitely look into a bit of format for your work, however. It's a bit of a wall of text, which can make things get muddled in. Your use of capitalization adds a nice touch of uniqueness, as if the author of the work is listing off holy tenets or spiritual names.
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