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Best Character Made Armor set for Necromancer

I have searched the forums, using different formats/wording to try to find if this has been asked before. Nothing matches. I like making my own armor, since I have a level 50 (607) character maxed out on all crafting skills. I am looking for the best set to use for a Necro that I can make at one of the stations in Elsweyr or maybe a different area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is the wrong area to post this, then ZoS, please feel free to move it.
  • VaranisArano
    Depends on what you want to use it for.

    Some good crafted sets:
    For Magicka: Light Arnor Julianos
    For Stamina: Medium Armor Hundings Rage
    For PVE tanks: Torug's Pact with the crusher enchant
    For Hybrids: Pelinal's Aptitude
    For general PVP: Shacklebreaker or Fortified Brass

    If you want a crafted set that might be thematically cool for a necromancer, though not necessarily the most effective...
    Grave-Stake Collector / Coldharbor's Favorite
    Oblivion's Foe if you want to use the Soul Trap line for RP reasons
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  • Nilarynpaw
    If you're focused more in magicka builds and maybe interested in healing too, I would recommend these sets to try out:

    - Julianos
    - Magnus's Gift
    - Seducer
    - Coldharbour's Favorite
    - Kagrenac's Hope

    Actually Julianos + anything I mentioned above would take you through dungeons and overland zones as a magicka damage dealer / healer.

    I run a few dungeons with Coldharbour's Favorite, I think it's a decent set, but in some veteran dungeons I quickly find myself with having issues with magicka sustain, when the damage dealers were inexperienced (stand in red circles and getting too much damage or bosses died very slowly because there weren't "enough" damage).
    Some players said this set is can be somewhat good in Cyrodiil, but I can not confirm that, since I haven't tried this out in Cyrodiil yet.

    As for tanking, you can try out Torug's Pact, as @VaranisArano mentioned earlier, and from Elsweyr sets, Senche-raht's Grit would be worth a try. I crafted this set for my necro alt to try out tanking in dungeons (I've never played a tank before though, but for normal dungeons should be fine this one too, although I'm not sure you'll get enough DoT effect on yourself in all situations, so this set may not be optimal in every case. But for normals, and overland content, should be enough, in my opinion.)

    As for stamina, I also agree with Hunding's Rage. From Elsweyr craftables, maybe Vastarie's Tutelage would be the one that you're looking for, since it gives you max stamina, health and magicka too, and if you're resurrecting someone else, you both would get increased resource recovery and spell/weapon damage. But again, this set's usefulness is also kinda...situational, I think.

    I suggest you to try these out, and see which one fits your playstyle the most.
    I personally run with SPC+Worm Cult on my healer, because I use the Thief mundus and I'm too lazy to switch it either to the Atronach or Ritual for healing, so I'm trying to get the sustain part from the Worm Cult set.
    As for magicka dd, I used Julianos+Mother's Sorrow, but I'm still experimenting with my build (which is not completely the meta build) and I'm a bit worried about the next patch, so I partly switched to Julianos+Worm Cult to fix my sustain issues (if I have or will have any). Aand I also can save some space in my inventory too, because I can share a set both with my damage and healer build.
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