Crown Store Showcase July 2019 - What do you want to see?

Hi guys. Thought I'd make a post about what you might like to see in the next month?

I recall seeing some dragon hunter armour in a datamine, as well as weapons. I'm hoping we see that this month.
-I like tanking, apparently.
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-Horses are cool.
-Birbs are even coolerer.
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  • Vermethys
    Any new or returning hairstyles and the Valkyn Skoria arms pack.
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  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
    Vermethys wrote: »
    Any new or returning hairstyles and the Valkyn Skoria arms pack.

    I too like the look of the VS arms pack.
    -I like tanking, apparently.
    -Proud member of the Casual Rascals on PC EU.
    -Horses are cool.
    -Birbs are even coolerer.
    -I alone am responsible for the "no cheese in space" meme. Sheogorath would be proud.
  • LukosCreyden
    I would have thought they'd be eager to cash in on that juicy Necromancer hype, but so far, nothing. Seems odd, easy penny for the bank.
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  • KillsAllElves
    Robes that look like skyrim robes and not a dress!
  • Cadbury
    Flying mounts
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  • TelvanniWizard
    Maormer skin, spellbreaker motif, and some new mounts.
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  • Sybreed_Neurodrive
    A return of the Pirate costume pack please...
    Maybe some new arms pack with a necromancer feel to it, maybe Fang Lair or return of the Molag Kena Arms Pack :D
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  • Zacuel
    I wish crowns could buy happiness....
  • CradonWar
    Mace of Molag Bal as Daedric Artifact. Come on!
  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    More polymorphs
  • Dar'Norok
    Return of the Scalecaller crates?
  • Morgul667
    A working game
  • Earrindo
    I'll also cast my vote for the short mussed hairstyle.
    I would also love to see some new furnishing packs for Elsweyr.
    Oh! And the Sunspire motif! I need me that armor style! ^^
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  • Michae
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  • Welkynar
    Baandari is probably coming on Tuesday but I also want Scalecaller or Wild Hunt to return. I hope for nice hairstyles (I want long hair with bangs, not parted bangs) Also, a costume with a hood where the hood doesn't expose your forehead so much. That is all.

    Edit: rip
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  • Banana
    No more crap crates
  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    The Elsweyr Garden Set.

    Certain plants that are not yet available are very much needed to complete Sugar Island.

    That set is all that stands between this one and the most awesome island warming party ever!

    Do not let this one wait for her party any longer please.

    Yours with paws
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  • wishlist14
    I bought the chef outfit pack with rollingpin emote and salty emote...i just had to get it. I do love packs.

    Another theme pack like that would be fun and it was well priced imo. Thank you zos.

    So my ideas for july showcase

    Coloured hairpieces or wigs. For example, if you have brown hair but put on a red wig then yoiur hair is red. So it's not actually changing your hair colour permanently only while you wear the wig.

    Music instrument furnishings or emotes for the new Elsweyr musical instruments. We have /drum /flute and / lute and they are a lot of fun about some new ones to fit the Elsweyr mood please. Most of us love playing our music while we wait for bosses never fails to make others around us dance or join in and play along.

    A baby camel non combat pet 🐫🐫🐫🐫🤗❤

    Turbans like the Elsweyr guards wear...they are stunning.

    A pair of those really tall khajiiti that walk around Riverhold but as house guards. They don't have to walk around but they would look amazing standing by a doorway guarding my palace or house.

    If we can't have the Elsweyr musical instruments then how about a music box that plays Elsweyr theme music.

    A sandstone shrine for our gardens. I see them around Elsweyr and they are adorable and very evocative. I would love them to be courtyard furnishings.

    There are so many fun and interesting things in Elsweyr that I would love around in my home.

    But costumes are always fun and cute pets and emotes....i use them a lot out in the world. Im trying to get more things for my characters as i dont spend that much time in my houses. Im out and about more and want my characters to have things to play with...hint...hint

  • berzerkdethb14_ESO1
    Ability skins to turn some of the necromancer abilities into more . . . grotesque versions like exploding zombies and defiled earth rather than a graveyard
  • eklhaftb16_ESO
    I'd like to see one more month of things I don't want to buy. My gold pouch needs time to refill before the next big discount season. ;)
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