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[DISCORD]👑World Crown Exchange👑Free Market for Buying & Selling Crown Store Items

Soul Shriven
A safe, easy place to buy and sell crown store items.
Over 4 million crowns traded
2,000+ members

We are a centralized free marketplace where buyers and sellers trade at prices they choose. Buy at 1:100 and sell at 1:300, or any other rate. No complex rules, procedures, waitlists, or mandatory guild membership. Your safety is ensured through our buyer/seller feedback system and optional brokers, who have been vetted by WCE and whose transactions are insured by the WCE reimbursement fund.

We are not a business and make no money from the trades. Rather, the moderators expend personal funds to maintain WCE because we believe in and are committed to providing a market-driven community for buying and selling crown store items.

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