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Heathen Horde (PC/NA) (+18) PvE Dungeons and Trials for New and Learning players

Heathen Horde (PC/NA) (+18)

The Heathen Horde is currently looking for more members to join our community for Trials, Dungeons, and Social aspects of ESO. We have 3 weekly Trial events currently but are looking to expand to accommodate for additional time frames.

We are currently at 100+ members.

Our community focuses on older adults who struggle to find commonalities with a large percentage of the gaming community at large. Our 3 key fundamental priorities are:
  • -Family
  • -Career
  • -Community

We recognize that as we mature more is expected of us and life happens, we are not punitive of our members having to take care of things that matter the most over silly achievements. What we believe in is making the most of the time we have while playing so you can strive to get more out of your gaming experience with less time and effort put in.

If our ethics and goals sound like what you are trying to obtain from your guild be sure to check us out over at our Discord:

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