Undaunted Mettle: Explaining "5-1-1" & Why Stam DPS ONLY Wear Medium Armor (Most Of The Time)

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"Should I go 5-1-1 on a tank? What is 5-1-1? How about a healer? Or a magicka or stam DPS? What about wearing 5x light and 2x heavy?" I get these questions all the time, so here's the Undaunted passive explained and how it works and how many of each type of armor you need to/could wear.

There are certain cases where some stamina DPS will wear 6x medium and 1x heavy piece for more added survival especially if they're going for a no death achievement in a Trial like vHoF.

There also times when a healer needs to do 5x light, 2x heavy though that's gear dependent (such as Ebon in vHoF/vCR).

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