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The League of Average N'wahs (18+/Social/PVE/NA) Seeking New and Returning Players

If you think a Dark Elf is just an elf who gets too much sun... You might be an Outlander.
If you think Molag Bal is something you get from riding sidesaddle on a kagouti... You might be an Outlander.
If you constantly hear people referring to you as "N'wah"... You are definitely an Outlander.

The League of Average N'wahs is a small, quirky 18+ guild on the NA Server. Our focus is mostly Social/PvE, but a growing number of members are avid crafters, and some like Battlegrounds PvP. We formed primarily to enjoy each other's company, and to help each other out.

We're not really “Casual,” not really “Hardcore”...just your Average N'wahs. We've learned and quested at our own pace, and hope to help others do the same. And while this remains a focus, we're open to applicants who are already seasoned in RP & Lore, PVP, Dungeon/Trial mechanics and more - we believe you get what you give, so if helping others is your thing, we'd love to have you, f’lah!

We pride ourselves on the fact that most of us know each other by first name, and we all come from different age groups/backgrounds/experience levels. As such, we’re a pretty inclusive group of people - LGBTQA peeps, small groups of gaming buds, ’ship/spouse duos, and microguilds seeking alliances are all welcome (filthy s’wits and skeeving horkers need not apply).

As we grow, we plan to have monthly social and PVE Group events, but there are no attendance requirements beyond a pretty standard inactivity policy. We'd like to keep our active numbers capped at 75 (currently @ 30 active members) as we enjoy the casual-yet-close atmosphere of small groups.

At the time of this post, we have a regular Friday dungeon night that usually gets going around 9pm CST. Beyond that, playtimes are mostly varied, though our official Guild Finder listing states 8pm-2am CST. As we move forward, we envision a guild atmosphere where random groups of us are online doing something together at most times of any given day. Currently, we have a few players on the Pacific coast, but most of us are Central or Eastern time zones.

HQ is at Velothi Reverie in Narsis, Deshaan, and we have a Discord server (18+) with a main chat channel as well as individual channels for groups adventuring in the field, as well as helpful links. We use Discord in lieu of a website, so Discord is required, though use of Discord Voice is only required for group activities. The chat is technically an NSFW chat but, really, it’s not so risqué as all that - just… some of us cuss. Often. And proudly.

If you’ve read all the way to here and are actually still interested, message me in-game, or reply with your "@ name" here.
Thanks for your consideration - we hope to see you in Tamriel!

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