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PC/Mac - Savage Patch Kids - Endgame Focused PvE guild is recruiting!

Soul Shriven
Hello there!

Savage Patch Kids is recruiting!

We are looking for strong DPS, Healers and 1 Tank to join our ranks and push content such as vet trials, vet hardmode trials, achievements, and much more! Most of our core is composed of players that have been around the block in ESO, doing things like leaderboard pushes, raid achievements and dungeon achievements. Pushing Vet hardmode trials is the goal here, along with leaderboard weekly pushes for caches. We are very driven to any aspect of the game and that includes getting those cool skins or achievements done in raid, if its farm content and an off-night we have no problem at all doing achievements in the raid while having fun and getting loot!

Almost all of us here are 25-40 years of age. We come to enjoy the game and get things done all while being a low drama, high comradely guild with people that are self driven to get better. If you are a player that can meet our requirements and times and follow our rules, you will find yourself in a home that you will be glad to be a part of. To be with us or put in an application feel free to join up on our discord: and put in an application! We review them very quickly and will get back to you asap!
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