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[PC/MAC] [NA] Belkarth Sentinels (A Roleplay focused and social guild!)

Soul Shriven
The Belkarth Sentinels primarily focuses on Roleplay, but we also do like to do other stuff when it comes to PVE!

It was the 16th of Suns Dawn, the day that we lost it all. We fought long and hard, but sadly to no prevail. The Original Sentinels fought through wave after wave of Daedra, but at what cost? The battle was long and bloody, many good men and women fell that day. Most of the Sentinels were either killed during that battle or decided they had enough with all of the fighting and put their swords down after that fateful day. Of those who thought they were done with the fighting life was a man named Samuel Winter-fist. Once a great warrior who feared no evil turned a farmer. After losing most of those he thought of as family, the sword was racked and the armor hidden away in a cellar. Mugs of mead could not flush out the memories trapped in his mind of those he previously called family. Upon receiving news of the recent Attacks in Elsweyr, he now knows that he cannot hide away and let his sword and armor collect dust. He wanted to help, but he can't do it alone. Samuel understands that he needs more than himself and is adventuring to each corner of Tamriel to find those who are willing to help his cause. Will you take a stand?

The Belkarth Sentinels is a Roleplay guild that started in august of 2018. Since then the guild slowly died out, but now the guild is returning to its former glory of having a main focus on Roleplaying. We accept every faction and dont judge how you like to roleplay! Want to roleplay as a thief? Go ahead! Want to Roleplay as a necromancer who came back from the dead? Go right ahead! We want everyone to have an enjoyable roleplaying expierence! We have a discord that we would love for our possible new members to learn and talk with us! We have a Guild Bank, Guild Heraldry, and a Guild store! We also have a fully furnished Guild home!

The Type of Role play we do is a casual/combat style RP. When I say combat style I don't mean doing /roll and making a move, we actually go out into delves, dungeons, or just do random quests and role play with it! Like stated above, you can roleplay as whatever you want. We do not want to ruin someones RP experience by telling them what they can and cant do, but do keep in mind the OPness of your character.

What we can offer:
  • Guild Store
  • Guild heraldry
  • Guild Bank
  • Fully decked out guild home
  • Almost all crafting tables at guild home
  • An AWESOME and friendly community!
  • People who love to Roleplay!
  • A Discord
  • And a Website for character backstories and more!
If you would like an invite message @SCNADS for more questions or an invite!

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