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I have a trading guild and every week I spend a lot of time to calculate taxes-donations and other things manually. So I'am looking for any way to optimize this.

I use Master Merchant to track members sales (with enabled option show sales at guild roster), and Shissu's Guild Tools to filter gold donations and mail. I also use Deome's Chat Adverts for recruiting.

Other big trading guilds track every donation and have working weekly taxes, and update ranks/notes in real time. I think they do it not manually, but I don't know how.

So, anyone know how to improve this things with addons/other stuff?

1) log guild join date (and post it in notes if possible)
2) weekly update rank based on sales
3) track donations and taxes, mark inavtive players and send them notification, kick players with too many notifications
4) easy way to see how long ago player was logged in (not to point every time mouse cursor at player icon). Was using Thurisaz Guild Info (nice roster view) but now its not working.
5) lotto / chat games etc.
6) other usefull addons

I will be very grateful for any information. Please tell me what you use in your guild.
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  • Dark_Wizard
    So no guildmasters here?
  • ghastley
    There are issue with MM and SGT at the moment, because of changes to the API's they use to get the data. I imagine everyone is holding off from responding until those are resolved, as the answers may be subject to change.
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