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Xbox performance this weekend is not doing well

Try to load in several times after game freezes.

I go to multiple areas (its either lag or frame rate issue) its very hard to move several meters then get put in several load screens and then get disconnected.

After elsweyr performance is increasingly getting worse.

I go to IC/CP the frames drop significantly for the first 1 to 4 minutes.

Im constantly being put in load screens..

This weekend has been awful.
  • veroxiousvemo
    I hear ya. For me it's been like that since the Elsweyr update :/
    G'day! | Xbox NA CP1666
  • DrSweetazz
    I tried reinstalling on xbox last night because I was having such a hard time doing even the most basic things. Dunno if it'll help at all or not

    I was running a normal dungeon solo and the game performed like I was playing it on a super Nintendo.
  • tigerborn62
    Yeah. It is a total mess right now. Quite depressing.
  • Jayne_Doe
    Which XB are you playing on? I play on an X with an SSD and rarely have issues. During peak times in Elsweyr while dragon hunting, there is significant frame rate drop after porting to a wayshrine to ride to a dragon, but it clears up for me in less than a minute.

    ZOS have acknowledged performance issues on consoles, indicating that base models are suffering the most. Hopefully their performance updates will fix some of this for us. In the meantime, it might be helpful to mention which console you're using, as if this is happening for folks on an X, then they will know that it's not just problematic for base consoles.
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