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WTB Carry - Trial Group

Hello there! WTB Carry is looking for members to join its core roster for endgame PvE content. Our main focus is creating a cohesive group of like-minded individuals that can get together and complete trials and dungeons.

We will be running every Friday at 8pm EST once we get more people. If we get more and more people we will be opening up more days for raids.

We are looking for all roles (healer, tank, and dps).

We will be starting with the veteran Craglorn trials and working our way up to some of the hardest content in the game.

We do require our team members to be 600cp or higher. Tanks and healers must have the required gear sets (info on our discord) and dps must be able to submit a parse (info on discord).

We do not require you to join a guild to be part of our progression group. Save those slots for trading guilds, social guilds, etc.

Hope to see you all in the discord and in-game!

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