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Random disconnects to login screen since last update?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if this is a common issue around here.

I can play the game for about 15-20 minutes without issue, but randomly I get booted to login screen saying I have no connection, I play other mmos and they seem to be working fine so im sure it’s not my internet connection.
( O_o)
  • desndb
    Been happening to me since Elsweyr dropped ☹️
  • DirkRavenclaw
    Been happening since Murkmire at my End, on PC/NA, no Crashreport, no nothing, just all freezes without warning, 10 to 20 seconds later Im back at the Log in Screen. I sadly stopped playing regularly, even if some Guildmembers report missing me. I give it another go in a Minute, if i experience Issues i just give it up again. I play ESO to not be angry, sadly right now i truly get Anger Management Issues, screaming at my Screen. I really hope they get there Stuff together soon as i truly love ESO
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