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Fix for game locking up entire rig when trying to log out and exit the game.


I got tired of this being the only application in 3 versions of macOS I've seen that can completely lock up a Mac to the point you have to hard power cycle it.

Here is how you quit the game without risking harm to your operating system by having to frequently hard power cycle your rig.

Using the editor of your choice, create a file in your home directory with whatever name you prefer and add the contents below. I name mine

for pid in `ps -eo pid,args | grep 'Zenimax Online' | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $1 }'`
    echo "killing pid $pid... BYE FELICIA"
    kill -9 $pid

exit 0

Make file executable:
chmod 0700

When you wanna exit the game, alt-tab ( or option-m) and run:

  • yodased
    I love inguineity. Here is a bump and an awesome for consoling around their ineptitude.
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • demerdecanswrath
    Quite the dedication there. Can't you just Opt/Alt + CMD + "esc" for the force quit window?
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