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Building A Necromancer Zombie

I like to write out backstories for my characters, mostly these characters could probably get lost in a crowd they are so uneventful. But with these Necromancer characters, Ive been really trying to create a character that just seems mysterious and unsettling. A character that leaves others uneasy with their presence.

The problem is, Im uncertain if there is any lore supporting what I want to do with this character. The character takes some very heavy inspiration from the Mountain (post-Trial by Combat) in Game of Thrones. A silent and imposing character. The twist being hes physically the opposite of the Mountain and what draws attention to him is that hes an Orc and hes obviously a Necromancer. Im just uncertain if there is any lore that supports the idea that someone can be raised from the dead in a similar manner as the Mountain and retain their faculties as well as perform complicated tasks expected of a living person.
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  • Vuldovahkriid
    Briarhearts essentially have their hearts removed, and continue to live through Reach magic. With an Orc, you can say they were attacked in the Wrothgar Mountains, by a Reachmen raiding party and had their hearts taken. Although most Reachmen hate Orcs, turning one into basically a Trojan horse would work well for them. Plus not all Reachmen work towards the same goal.
    "Hagravens in Wrothgar are known to practice a special form of necromancy and are able to resurrect any Winterborn that have recently been killed as Briarhearts. Unlike the creatures summoned by necromancers elsewhere, the resurrected Winterborn will not die if the hagraven who cast the spell is killed. "
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