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NA PC/Mac Bahlokdaan Ebonheart PvP Guild Spiritus Mundi now recruiting

If you are dissatisfied with the current situation in Cyrodiil's Bahlokdaan server then this is the guild that is doing something about it. Every day we form a group and push back against the DC (and AD too if needed). The situation is dire fellow members of the Ebonheart Pact, we stand besieged every night by the dastardly Australians and need to stand together or die alone!
The guild Spiritus Mundi is now recruiting on the North American PC/Mac server! We are a new guild that primarily engages in PvP. However, we can also help with making gear and doing any set runs that are needed for our members.

Please apply to our guild in the guild directory, or you can message the guildmaster @glaistig_uaine or the deputy guildmaster @solinvictus2042 with questions or for an invite. I can also respond in this thread if questions are asked and can tell the guild officers to invite you if you give me an @ name from ESO.
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