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End-Game Stamina Healer - vSS + vMOL Certified (and counting!)

Hello all,

I enjoy theory-crafting and have had a Stam Healer leveled up and tucked away for a couple of years at this point (shortly after Morrowind released.).

With the recent influx of StamDPS (Hello Necromancers!) and the nagging hatred of running Hircine's Veneer on a Mag-Healer I decided to revisit Stam-Healing, because it's a ton of fun and underrated, IMO.

In-game Superstar and example Rakkhat 'Heal Parse' here:

UESP if you want to check it out there:

There's so much to discuss, but I'd rather answer questions than do an exhaustive build write-up due to my time limitations.

In short, we run Powerful Assault with Hircine's as our support sets with Bogdan's because it scales really well on our spec (In-game buffed tooltip is nearly 4900 HPS).

To effectively heal on a Stamina character, you have to invest heavily into Mag recovery so that you have enough Orbs going out. You sit at 1650 without a recovery glpyh on one of your jewelry and 1928 with one, which is probably the right call. Since you have so few Mag skills, this is so much recovery in practice that I find it hard to dump my magicka at times before using a potion. On that note, Tri-potions are a must because it's the only way to access both major mag+stam recovery buffs with a potion and this is why we have Expert Hunter on our front bar. We want that crit chance, but can't get there with a potion. The extra weapon damage does scale our heals a bit better though.

Being a Stamina-based character gives you a lot of advantages like never dying because you can't roll-dodge or break free, but the primary weakness of Stam-Healing is simply the lack of Combat Prayer, which you CAN actually run with a resto backback instead of a Bow if you use the Asylum Resto since it lowers the cost of Stamina heals as well. Since Combat Prayer only hits six players, it can be extra taxing on your other healer to have to cast that twice and in trials where you have multiple groups, you'll just end up missing a significant buff. Your other healer will already be solely in charge of Elemental Drain and managing the IA debuffs.

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas! So far, I've cleared vSS and vMOL with this and plan to get clears on every Vet trial. vHOF will be fun, but I was able to purge fine in vMOL.

PS: Does anyone know whether the Thief mundus is better than the Ritual on my build?
  • susmitds
    You are PC/NA right (I am assuming you were in copperhead's raid)
  • Ritter
    susmitds wrote: »
    You are PC/NA right (I am assuming you were in copperhead's raid)

    Yes and yes. :D That was my vMOL clear, but I ran with Ling-Chi for the vSS.
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