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Unexpected Flawless - Stamina Templar 2H/Bow

On Sunday I went to vMA after a very long time, on a new character, and I ran it perfectly, being my first such completion overall; I once came very close on another character - Magicka Sorcerer - a very long time ago but got cheated out of it by lag, with 5% left on the last boss. Just to put it in context, my first clear was almost 2 years ago (August 2017), and after that I farmed it intensively for about 10 weeks on 4 characters, and having gotten all weapons in multiple copies with decent traits, I pretty much left it alone. Overall I have cleared it on every class, both stamina and magicka, except Magicka Warden and the Necromancers that aren't leveled yet - all the ones bolded in my signature. Nowadays I only run it once per character, just to check how well I play it. Most of the latter clears were pretty messy, happening about 4 months apart, since that's the rate at which I introduce new characters, because in that time I tend to forget spawns, some mechanics at such. That made the latest completion even more surprising.

I didn't use any fancy sets or consumables, just bi-stat food and dropped stamina potions. This is the build I used, with a few minor exceptions, like not having the Undaunted Mettle yet and and using Resolving Vigor instead of Channeled Focus in arenas with very few adds, such as the last arena - for the most part I only healed with Rally and Repentance. I used maul because it's left over from an old PvP setup and I didn't want to re-craft a greatsword for that set and waste materials on it.


Now I feel the urge to go back there and try Flawless on my older characters. I don't know know where Stamina Templar goes on the difficulty scale.
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