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[Spoilers] Favorite Quests in Elsweyr

As usual, the writers have delivered some great story/lore content with the latest chapter. What are some quests from the Elsweyr chapter that stand out to you or that you found particularly interesting?

This thread may contain spoilers. ;)
Edited by Starlock on June 17, 2019 3:03PM
  • doomette
    Thick as Thieves for Sereyne, hands down. The wood elf was pretty great too.

    I also really enjoyed the Ashen Scar questline, specifically for the ending because sometimes I’m a big ol sap.
  • Starlock
    Thick as Thieves was amazing. I hope to see those characters return!
  • Valamist
    I am glad I am not the only one who loved Thick as Thieves. Such good writing. Honestly, the side quests have been top notch this expansion. Well done all.
  • VDoom1
    Have to say Thick as Thieves was very funny. Especially the teleporting part of the quest with..a drunk Alfiq like "omg, I'm gonna die because a drunk cat teleported me into a wall." xD

    Rigurt's quest was quite funny to!
    You know how he offers cat fur as a peace offering to you know...a cat. That Khajiit was not happy! Or when he nearly poisons a famous Elsweyr chef. Wow...xD Or how he mistakes the Khajiit lady for her cat, and she comes around the corner "are you singing to my cat??? o.O"
    xD :D
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  • UnseenCat
    Rigurt's cluelessness is always good for a fun quest, and I agree that Thick as Thieves was funny and awesome at the same time. The parts of the main quest focusing on Khamira were very good too. The writing does an excellent job of giving you, the player, the feeling that she's truly confiding in you.

    Lots of other great things in the side quests. Was anyone else intrigued by the writer's depth of understanding in casting a Khajiit as the operator of a wildlife preserve who's trying to protect the local ecosystem? Big cats are apex predators -- their environmental function is effectively that of game wardens.

    Uncle Sheo as the Skooma Cat... Thumbs... Yarn... :D
  • phwaap
    I've chuckled to myself taking every character through An Animal's Grim Abode - "Oh Sugarsnout...so young!". It's like Aesop took up the pitfalls of necromancy.

    Path of the Hidden Moon as well. Mazza-Mirri has some zingers, like an alfiq Yoda.
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