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Fallen Army of Tamriel 1/2 - Social Pve Guild - 600+ Members - 4 x Vet Prog teams -

Soul Shriven
Fallen Army of Tamriel

Platform – XBOX EU

Fallen Army of Tamriel, a social, trials guild is expanding and looking for new members. Regular guild organised trials for all levels, 4 progression teams along with our main guild team. All mundus stones, over 50% of crafting stations, target dummies, transmute station and more. 

Players  - 600+
Fallen Army 1 is currently working around its member limit, therefore we started Fallen 2 a few weeks ago.
We have a common discord for all events across both guilds, with around 600+ Players in the Fallen Army.

PVE Events – Monthly Raffle, Weekly Events and Public trials throughout the week.
Currently, the guild hosts a monthly raffle, in recent months this has had a prize fund of over 750k each time.

In the weekly schedule we currently have the following:
-- Monday - WB runs
-- Tuesday - Trials Open to everyone
-- Wednesday - Trials Open to everyone
-- Thursday - Trials Open to everyone
-- Saturday - Trial Marathon (8 Trials back to back on normal)

Guild Trader – Weekly  x 2, No dues.
We are currently not advertising ourselves as a Trading guild, therefore don’t expect the best Traders in Tamriel.
In recent weeks we’ve focused on murkmire and Clockwork City for the guilds. This may be an avenue we focus on as we continue to grow.
PVP – One RED Guild, One Yellow Guild.
Currently the guild is not very big on the PVP front, though we do run coloured PVP runs towards the end of the Campaign to ensure everyone gets Transmutes on all the Characters. 
As a guild we are always more than open to build on the PVP front given  a certain player takes interest in leading PVP for the guild.

End Game Trials – 4 Vet Prog Teams.
The Guild currently has  3 Vet Progression teams(VHOF, VMOL, CRAGS) and a Main Team (VCR +), Progressing various content across Tamriel.
All of these teams are always looking for new members or reserves – always open to new team leaders too!

If you’re interested, please join through one of the following routes:
discord @
Reply below with your gamertag
Message – ‘Deano Reido’ or ‘Macca1710’ in game!..
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