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PS4 na - lots of random crashes since Elsweyr dlc

Occurs in dungeons random crashes
Pc na
  • ZOS_Bill
    Which dungeons are you experiencing crashes in?

    Do these crashes affect only you or your whole party?
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  • akl77
    Selene s web - me and another person crashed in the middle of the bear boss fight, the other two players were fine.

    Banished cell 2 - all 4 of us crashed second last boss and when we log back in, we got spawned back in tamerial overland, and one person gone from group, so we had to queue for a 4th, when we got a forth, it doesn’t teleport us to dungeon, we had to travel back to Banished cells 2 by wayshrine, then the quest and progress got all reset and we had to fight all mobs and bosses all over again praying we don’t get booted in the middle of any fight and got reset for quests again.

    Wayrest 2, someone in group crashed randomly and had to log back in to continue to play.

    Scalecaller peak, a few in group crashed randomly.

    Blackheart haven, me and other people crashed at random times.

    Sunspire trial, me and other players crashed at random fight, frost, flame and last boss, I’ve seen people randomly crashed including myself.

    Theses are just a few of the dungeons I played, I’m not sure if it’s necro animation causing the crashes or server problems, I don’t think it’s dungeons related tbh. Anyone can randomly crash, not just in dungeons, for example I crashed a lot more when wayshrine to Elsweyr the loading screen will just stop spinning and dcd. This is really frustrating to gameplay and progress lost having to redo quests and dungeons. And they happen randomly really have to try our luck when finishing a dungeon quest or not.

    Note: I’ve been playing the game over 4 years now on ps4 na everyday for hours, every single day for dungeons and trials, I’ve not been changing internet or gears at my end, I can tell since the launch of Elsweyr on console the game has those frequent random crashes and loading screen froze not even spinning type of crashes A LOT.


    Pc na
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