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PC/NA Frost Cats

Hello, there traveler! The guild Frost Cats is recruiting! If you want a friendly guild and to chill this guild is for you! There are no requirements just to be friendly and active!

Guild Details
» Factions: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact
» Platform: PC

Who we are
» A friendly active Social/PvE/PvP guild.
» A community of experienced players that are always willing to help.
» A guild that accepts all types of players and values all members as new friends!

About us
We are a friendly ESO guild founded in April 2019 with the purpose of socializing, having fun and helping each other in the game we all love and enjoy. We’re very open to players of all experiences and many types of gameplay here, so don’t be afraid to play and converse with each other in our wonderful guild. We also do trading and host many weekly activities here, such as dungeons, trials, and battlegrounds; so please come on and join the fun!
However, we do take disrespectful behavior and prejudice very seriously and do not allow those kinds of things to exist here in our guild.

Looking for people interested in pve and endgame 160 cp plus as well!

DM me if you are interested and I will invite you into the guild!

Join this server if you are interested in joining or not and just wanna chill. Read all of the rules and go to the roles channel to get yourself set up and have fun!
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