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It has been such a long while now the "you are in combat" thingy is running on PVP that i truly believe it is a built-in feature now. It is planned and worked as intended otherwise i do not have any reasonable explanation why it is still there since it can NOT be a bug. Bugs are to be fixed but this is going on for months now and there have been some patches meanwhile so it MUST be intentional. Just please let us know if this will stay so we can get used to it or if it maybe will be followed by something else like " you are always in combat and can never log out anymore". Thank you . Maybe there are already some posts about that but the more the better !
  • Squidgaurd
    Il be honest with you Op i have not seen this bug in all of this patch i used to get it after every fight and it would last for miles.now i dont get it like ever.
    Edited by Squidgaurd on September 23, 2019 12:28PM
  • Saepio
    "Months" lol, try years.
  • VaranisArano
    The best they've managed is a few tries at lessening the instances of staying in combat. For example, they changed the aggro behavior of some of the resource guards.

    So they don't seem to be able to address the root of the issue of "I'm clearly not in combat, but the game thinks I am" bug, but they have made some progress, at least. :neutral:
    Edited by VaranisArano on September 23, 2019 12:54PM
  • Crash427
    Run shalks exoskeleton + balorghs and make the combat bug work for you :D
  • vamp_emily
    I think it is a new feature to laugh at gankers. A ganker snipes someone on their mount but mount rider keeps going and the ganker can't mount in combat.

    Yesterday I died at Roe and rezzed behind the gate. I took a bath and came back. I was still stuck in combat. That is kind of OP.

    Edited by vamp_emily on September 23, 2019 7:58PM

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  • Spartabunny08
    Just delete "in combat" problem solved. We just want to play the game and have fun, this restriction isn't that necessary to deal with all of this nonsense.
  • Squidgaurd
    Toycat is yes.
  • Mayrael
    Use suicide potions :) They work like teleport stones with incombat bug :D

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  • Sedare
    The staying in combat bug has gotten worse and worse lately. Can't mount, can't change a skill, can't change gear. Sometimes I go in and out of combat several times in the space of seconds. Would really like this issue attended to. I'd also like to be in/out of combat independent of my group mates.
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