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Relentless focus

Would it be a huge dps loss to slot this skill on my bow bar instead of the the Dw bar?

I ask because I just completed vMA on my pvp stamblade and loved using vigor on the front bar and need to adjust my bar setups. I am considering retiring him from Cyrodiil as he has 5 stars and want to do more pve with him.

Edit: I swapped focus and vigor to opposite bars.
Edited by TheUrbanWizard on June 12, 2019 8:01PM
  • Blinkin8r
    Highly recommend running soul harvest on your damage bar and ballista on your back bar. The extra ulti is incredible. I also frontbar vigor in maelstrom but I usually put trap on my backbar instead of grim focus.
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  • Ethoir
    It's a small-ish DPS loss, I think. I never got to do full testing with it during the PTS cycle. You can feel the difference (especially if you're a bow sniper due to the Snipe "damage nerf"), but people will and are adapting.

    The burst potential from its proc is still there, but you lose the stamina regen and the Minor Berserk buff. So you are loosing a little overall damage and sustain.

    What you get in trade for this "DPS nerf" is a stacking 3% mitigation on incoming damage for each light/heavy attack you manage to land (capped at 15% at 5 stacks) while the skill is active. Additionally, the Spectral Bow proc will now heal you for 33% of the damage it deals if it hits.

    So Relentless Focus is now more tanking oriented, but not as much as its magicka counterpart, Merciless Resolve, which gives 50% of its proc's damage back to you as health.
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  • TheUrbanWizard
    I’m just thinking about being able to use spectral on my bow bar as often as i would on my dw bar. Yeah ballista is awesome, I found myself saving it for the crem guards when I got knocked off the upper level, which was far too many times lol
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