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Free Duel Tournament With Prizes (PS4 NA)

Soul Shriven
Hello Everyone,

A few of my friends and I are wanting to run a duel tournament if the interest is there. The tournament would be completely free to enter, and have the following prizes for people that place:

1st Place: Target Skeleton, 1 chromium plating
2nd Place: Briarheart Sword (Epic/Steal Stamina/Sharp), 1 Temp Alloy, 1 Wax, 1 Rosin
3rd Place: A bunch of small master writs I've accumilated
4th Place: 1k Gold
All first round exits: 1 gold

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in the event. I know the prizes aren't spectacular, but the tournament is free lol. If there's a decent amount of fighters, I'll work on scheduling and bracketing asap :)
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