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Add-on for Controller in Keyboard/Mouse mode?

Just wondering if such a thing exists.

Even if it's just minimalistic, to be able to use a keyboard and mouse for general interface stuff, but a controller for playing.

Or a more advanced version that brings in good controller elements like the new load screens and other things?

Just wondering what's out there.
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  • Daxtacy
    Soul Shriven
    There's an add on called better ui if memory serves me, in the settings for that add on you can enable an option that is a complete redesign of the gamepad mode which is basically what you seem to be asking for. There's also an option to use the redesigned banking interface plus a few other nice features. Hope this helps.
  • blendertoes
    You want “Advanced Disable Controller U/I”. You can move around and interact with objects/NPCs with the controller and use the KBM interfaces, which allows you to use addons.
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