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Looking for guild

Hey all. Looking for Guild. From the UK. I work shifts so am about many different hours. Looking for a chill guild. I'm a noob in the actual structure and team play but have played the game on my own for a while so not great with builds and mechanics etc as just been doing my own thing.
  • OutlawScrublord
    Soul Shriven
    I am assuming you are playing on PC NA server. I have 4 members from GBR atm, a small contingent of Oi Boys, aka AUS, and a Kiwi ^-^

    We take a new member every 2-3 days because we help new people power-level to cp 160, earn their first million gold, and master endgame content so over all a lot of time investment per person. Slowly building to 100 members by end of 2019, tryna keep it small and very active.

    Feel free to look up Scrub Squad in the guild finder as we help new players like yourself. I am looking to slowly add to our international time zone members, because Discord activity is one of the requirements of the guild and I feel bad for our guys in the late and early hours xD

    I run a guild ddicated to helping new players power-level to CP 160, earn their first million gold, and master end game content. Feel free to hit me up in game @OutlawScrublord or use the guild finder to find us.

    Website: ScrubSquadESO.Enjin.Com
    Twitch: ScrubSquadESO
  • GhettoMedusa4
    Nope xbox EU 💔
  • Hellkaptain
    Hi we have just started a guild for new players chilled friendly and about enjoying the game.
    We are not very big yet but want to help new players we have discord too. Message me if interested gt Hellkaptain.
  • GhettoMedusa4
    100% down for that 👍 I'll message when login tonight
  • Hellkaptain
    Cool otherwise message Dr Potsch and mention it
  • belly2504
    G'day mate I play on Xbox EU I'm in Australia so chances are if you work strange shift hours I'll be on hit me up.
    GT Belly2504
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