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Stamnecro theory craft

Soul Shriven
Hey guys this seems to be as good as any place to ask this so here it goes...I like theory crafting especially when it works im thinking of using sets that seems no one uses because i like solo play.
These sets are kvatch gladiator and night mothers gaze. Kvatch is two dual sword and dagger with both precise I believe. And kvatch bow precise all have poison Damage enchants. The kvatch jewelry all have weapon damage with all three having bloodthirsty.
I use a stamnecro that is orc. Class passives and weapon passives and race passives all obtained. Cp 676.
Basically in my mind this would be a great burner because of Bloodthirsty gladiator and the 5th from nmg. To even further it i am thinking on using boneyard with the one that also does major defile i believe.
I am using the kvatch setup with hundings currently but i want to see the effects of these sets together.
My monster is stormfist.
If i did this build i would apply the lover instead of the shadow for mundus.
I believe my cp is placed as such recalling from memory:
Mighty - 56
Precise - 56
Thaum - 56
Piercing - 29
MAA - 20
PWM - 12
Hardy - 30
Ele def - 30
Thick skin - 30
Quick recovery - 20
Iron clad - 72
Spell shield - 38
Mooncalf - 100
Tenacity - 49
Warlord - 20
Shadow - 21
Tumbling - 38
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